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What We Do


We help you put your customer at  the center of your universe!


How? By providing the following services and expertise:

  • Customer Experience Management

    • Define/Design/Deliver the "ideal" customer experience 

      • Net Promoter Score adoption

      • VoC feedback programming

      • Customer/Buyer personas 

      • Customer Journey Mapping

      • Customer lifecycle playbooks

  • Customer-Centric Culture design

    • Customer Experience coaching​​

      • CX C-Suite/ leadership training

      • CX Mgt./Supervisory training

      • CX customer-facing and support team training

      • CX sales training

    • Employee Engagement assessment and design

      • Culture / eNPS assessments 

      • CX focused Teambuilding  

      • Employee Journey mapping​

      • Employee lifecycle playbooks

      • HR / CX collaboration

LTC's 3 Pillars of Customer Experience



In simple terms, if a company is going to standout from their competition and earn the loyalty of their customers, they must have great people, great leadership and a great brand reputation. There are no shortcuts. All three pieces are critical and interdependent. If one is absent, loyalty is not attainable


Companies that have become leaders in CX - enjoying significant competitive advantage, brand differentiation and financial success - have built their CX approach with a commitment to and an adoption of the critical building blocks of a powerful and sustainable customer experience business strategy. We refer to those foundational principles as the 3 Pillars of CX. These successful companies have purposefully built internal processes and practices with the intent to deliver a designed and therefore consistent customer experience using the 3 pillars as their foundational framework. 


At LTC, we simplify the complexity of customer experience management and make it scalable and easier for smaller companies to embrace and implement. With our guidance and help, our customers are able to affordably and effectively build a world-class Customer Experience business approach creating significant competitive advantage and brand differentiation. The results - often dramatic - are loyal customers.

  • Customer-Centric Leadership

    • Customer Experience defines your corporate persona and is driven by the leaders at the top

    • Senior Leaders commit to and communicate a clear customer-centric vision and actively lead the organization toward that end goal 



  • Customer-Centric Brand Promise

    • Your brand promise is what your customers can expect from your company

    • Your customer's experience should be driving your brand and not the other way around



  • Customer-Centric Culture

    • A Customer-Centric Culture is deeply committed to understanding and delivering on the customer's needs, requirements and your customer-centric brand promise

    • Customer-Centric companies acknowledge and embrace the reality that engaged, inspired and customer-centered employees are absolutely necessary to deliver extraordinary customer experiences

    • All of an organization's people, processes and products must be aligned and designed to deliver on the brand promise at every customer interaction and touch point




Each of the 3 pillars is interdependent on the other two. If any of the 3 are absent or not in alignment, it will be very difficult for an organization to build and sustain long term customer loyalty.



When you love your customers, they'll love you back...
with repeat business, customer referrals and priceless "unsolicited" word of mouth advertising that only loyal customers generate.


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We're happy to chat with you and answer any questions you may have about CX and how smaller companies can take advantage of this powerful business development movement.  

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