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loving customers. engaging people. building loyalty.

Welcome to LTC Consulting
where it's all about the customer


LTC Consulting is a Customer Experience (CX) coaching practice. We specialize in helping our clients design and deliver extraordinary customer experiences - consistently. Why bother? Because when you love your customers, your bottom line improves and your business grows!

According to a 2019 Gartner Group report,

companies that prioritize the CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE generate 60% higher profits than their competitors.  


If You Want Your Customers To Love You,
You Have To Love Them First!




LTC looks at things through the eyes of customers – your customers. We are dedicated to helping companies who truly value their customers to dramatically increase top line revenue and bottom line profits by designing, implementing, measuring and managing customer experience and customer loyalty processes. Our goal is always the same – increase customer loyalty in ways that improve the bottom line.




We help you put your customer at the center of your universe! How? By designing and implementing Customer Experience and Customer Engagement strategies. We help you incorporate LTC's 3 Pillars of CX. And, we know that if you want loyal customers, you first need loyal and engaged employees. So we also design and deliver ongoing CX focused training as well as organizational development strategies that attract and retain an engaged and customer focused team.  



Whether you need to fan a flame or ignite a fire, LTC can help! We'll inspire, educate, engage and challenge your team to deliver experiences that create "WOW" moments for not just your customers but for your employees too. Show the love and everybody wins!


Book Jim for your next event or conference. He'll inspire, educate and engage - guaranteed!

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